What’s In Your Hands?

Adrian Crawford
2 min readJan 22, 2021


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Growing up, one of my favorite TV shows was MacGyver. All the 80s kids know exactly what I’m talking about. MacGyver was known for taking very little and making it into something incredible. MacGyver was someone who never looked at what he didn’t have, but he focused on what was in his hands.

In our current culture, it’s very easy to obsess over what we don’t have. We look at other people’s gifts, background, wealth, and accomplishments and idolize over them. When we do that, we fail to see what is in our own hands.

I was faced with this reality a couple years ago. I always had a desire to create content that would inspire, equip, and launch people into writing new rules in their lives. But I always focused on the fact that we didn’t have the right lighting, equipment, and people to make this desire a reality. I failed to see what was right in front of me: an iphone, and content to put out into the world.

We are obsessed with the containers our content comes in. How much quicker could you start making influence in the world if you just chose to start?

Content vs. Containers

More often than not, I see people’s growth stifled by their inability to look past how the world views their content. Our culture is inundated with people on a search for approval. This mindset can quickly lead individuals to focus more on the “how” rather than the “why.” We have to start by taking our eyes off of how our content is delivered and fix our eyes on how our content adds value to the world around us.

Back in the day, had I remained focused on the small container I was working out of, I wouldn’t have created quality content. My vision would have been blurred by the lack of “stuff” rather than focused on the vision I desired to share with the world.

As we began to grow, we started seeing the fruit of our hard work. We were eventually able to invest in great cameras and lighting, but one thing remained the same; the content that we pushed out in the world.

Are you willing to choose content over containers, and work diligently with what’s in your hands?

Choose to start today.

You were created with a purpose.

That purpose is in your hands.