Sovereign Themes

Adrian Crawford
2 min readDec 6, 2020

Let’s get practical. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about themes of an authentic leader. Our final topic is called “sovereign themes.” These are the things in your life that are recurring. Places and spaces that you always find yourself in. Maybe during group projects, you’re always chosen to lead. Are you regularly asked to teach or communicate? Is it easy for you to connect with people? Do you find yourself in a position of counseling others often in a way that is fruitful and meaningful?

My house was always like the United Nations. Growing up I had people from all walks of life at my house regularly. Even in the lunchroom, my table was always mixed. We had jocks, nerds, Black, White, Asian all together. I knew one of my sovereign themes was the ability to create diverse spaces.

If you’ve never thought about or considered your sovereign themes, I would encourage you to take some time to do so this week. Write them down. Spend a little time every day working through these four themes: audit your skills, commit to your calling, accept your limitations, and look for sovereign themes. Ask those who know you well or those you work for/with for feedback about each theme. Then, start applying what you’ve learned. Practice your skills, sharpen them. Press into your calling with greater confidence and remember your sovereign themes. Accept your limitations, as you do so you can lead with humility and learn to build a team around you to help accomplish the mission.

Remember practice makes perfect. This is a process and resilience is key. Stay the course, and I guarantee you’ll grow in authentic leadership.