Make America Great

Adrian Crawford
2 min readNov 2, 2020

They say tomorrow is the most important election in history. Although that has been said about every election I’ve participated in since I turned 18, I do believe we have a civic duty to exercise wisdom and our right to vote responsibly tomorrow as we consider presidential candidates as well as local electoral issues. And as we head to the polls, I can’t help but think: what do we need to help America be great?

The first thing that comes to mind is our country’s need for authentic leaders. Leaders who are self aware and have the resilience to remain self aware. We need leaders who understand how to honor those around them and walk in humility. What we tend to see instead, are people who lack self-awareness. They are not aware of who they are and they are not aware of the needs of the community they should be serving. This lack of self-awareness leads to insecurity of self and abilities. The insecurity then drives our leaders to seek validation and security from the very people they are called to lead.

The opposite end of this spectrum would be those who lack self-awareness but have an overinflated view of self. They believe all their ideas are the correct ones, and they lack any ability to honor those around them, serve their community, or practice humility in admitting faults or taking responsibility for results that prove to be less than promised.

We are in need of something outside the extremes. We are in need of a self-aware leader. This month, we will be unpacking this idea of authentic leadership: leaders who are self-aware and have the resilience to remain self-aware. We’ll walk through 4 themes of authentic leadership including your skill set, your calling, your limitations, and sovereign themes in your life.

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