Audit Your Skills

Adrian Crawford
Nov 16, 2020


The world is in need of authentic leaders. We define authenticity as self-awareness with the resilience to remain self-aware. An authentic leader can do both of these things as well as advance the mission. Their corporate mission, organizational mission, purpose, family mission, etc.

To do this, one of the first things you need to do is audit your skills.

If you know anything about an auditor, you know it’s a tedious and painful process. But it is necessary. More often than not, we don’t want to take the time that is required to audit our skills. Instead, we’ll look at the skills of those around us, and try to imitate theirs, even if we are not wired to possess those skills. You have to understand, you cannot be someone you are not wired to be. You can’t utilize a skill you weren’t hardwired with. Sure you might practice it enough to be mediocre, but why not master something you were created for?

You have to understand your skills, what you do well, and how to operate well in your lane. To do that, start by asking yourself that question this week: what are my hardwired skills? What do I bring to the table? Ask someone in leadership ahead of you, if they hired you where would they place you and where would they keep you away from? Take a few personality tests that can help you understand your natural giftings and weaknesses.

If we’re going to become authentic leaders in the world, we have to begin by auditing our skills.