All Lives Matter

Adrian Crawford
2 min readOct 27, 2020

If you’re gonna be pro life, be pro life.

Babies in the womb and outside the womb matter.

As a Jesus follower, I believe life starts in the mind and heart of God, not in a human. I stand for life. Life inside and outside of the womb.

What we tend to do is only support life halfway. We fight against abortion, which we should (over one thousand babies are killed a day), yet we’re silent amidst the fight for social justice and against systemic oppresion.

We fight against abortion, yet we’re silent on the death of black men nationally.

We fight against abortion, yet we use the the issue of black on black crime as a weapon against those who believe “Black Lives Matter” without understanding that if life matters to you, black on black crime should break your heart. Not be used as a weapon. Why? Because it’s resulting in the loss of human life.

In the same way, you should grieve the rapid death rate of black men.

If you grieve the death of unborn children because life matters, would you also grieve the death of brown and black babies, children, teenagers, and men? Or do All Lives not really matter to you?

If you’re going to be pro life, be pro life. If you’re going to fight for that baby to live inside the womb, you better be willing to fight for that same baby’s success and future after it’s born.

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